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The Perfect Gift for Mum: The Thought Counts!

Your Mum is one of a kind.  Let's find her a gift that's just as special as she is.  I've got a bunch of unique gifts ready to match what she loves most - each one ready to show her how much you care.


Finding the Gift That Says It All

Think about what makes your mum's house feel like home, or what she loves to do in her free time. Maybe she's all about classic style, or perhaps she can't get enough of her favourite songs. Choose something that fits her perfectly, something that she'd love to show off.


This Mother's Day, Let's Shake Things Up

Skip the usual flowers and chocolates. Come see what I’ve got at Lavender House Gift Company and pick out a piece of art as amazing as she is. It's not just a gift, it's a way to show her how much you appreciate her.


Don't Wait, Make Her Day!

Ready to make this Mother's Day unforgettable? Start looking through our special collection now and grab the perfect gift to light up her day. Let's make this Mother's Day all about celebrating her in the most colourful way.


For the Mum with Timeless Taste who loves the classics

  • Personalised Framed Heart: For the mum who appreciates the enduring classics, a personalised framed heart brings a traditional yet bespoke touch to her space.
  • Hanging Heart Ornament: Why not add a little charm to her home with a colourful hanging heart ornament?
  • Framed Flower Bouquet: Spring is in bloom with a framed flower bouquet that captures the beauty of her favourite florals year-round, no watering needed.




For the Mum Who Loves Her Bubbles

  • Prosecco Artwork: If your mum's prosecco is her partner-in-crime for celebrations, this bubbly fave will make her walls pop.
  • Rosé All Day Art: For the rosé-relishing rebel, an artwork that mirrors the blush tones of her go-to glass will speak to her sophisticated palette.


Framed prosecco button artGlass of pink rose button art

For the Mum with a Flair for the Dramatic

  • Framed Louboutin Stiletto: For the mum with a shoe collection to die for, a Louboutin-inspired framed artwork will walk straight into her stylish heart.
  • Classic Hollywood Portrait: A portrait of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn could add a touch of timeless glamour, perfect for the mum who's all about vintage chic.


Louboutin Stiletto Artwork


For the Mum Who's Obsessed With Her Fur Babies

  • Paw Prints Art: If her pet has a special place in her heart (and let's be honest, on her bed), a personalised paw print design will be perfect.
  • Framed cat and dog artwork: Celebrate her furry friend with a stylish design that's full of character.


Personalised Paw PrintsButton art ginger catKing charles spaniel artwork


Have a browse for the perfect Mother's Day gift. Don't put it off until the last minute – browse our bespoke collection today and find the gift that will make her day as extraordinary as she is.

ps. Don't forget the card!



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